TimeZone Expert  Gold edition

TimeZone Expert Gold edition 2.8.01

Time Zone Calculator

TimeZone Expert Gold edition is a world time zone clock software program. If you frequently find yourself having to look up time differences between your city and Buenos Aires or worried what time you should call if you are supposed to talk to someone in Canberra during office hours, then this software is what you need.

TimeZone Expert Gold gives you the advantage of having a world clock on your task bar so that you know what time it is in another country or city.

Also, it has a time zone calculator to convert time and date between two time zones, and a Reminders feature to keep track of important things.

Other features of this product include a Countdown Clock, Synchronize Time that makes use of the Internet to synchronize all clocks with the accurate time, and a Country/City Time Zone Query feature that is ideal for looking up time zones and differences.

TimeZone Expert Gold is an ideal software program for people who travel frequently, do business in other countries, stock and currency traders, companies with overseas clients, freelance workers, and eBay snipers.

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TimeZone Expert  Gold edition


TimeZone Expert Gold edition 2.8.01

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